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Ideanco Signed Multi-million Dollar Partnership with Google Lunar Xprize’s Team

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A milestone in the race to land a privately-funded rover on the moon. Ideanco and Google Lunar Xprize Team Angelicvm, a Google Lunar Xprize project, signed multi-million dollar strategic partnership in Paris, France, which is being activated on a global level to acquire, develop and retain potential investors for the competition.

In a strategic move, this partnership aims to ultimately inject liquidity into the Team Angelicvm business model in order to launch their lunar mission and promote ‘faith, hope, peace and unity’ to the world. The moon has officially become the muse for the Google Lunar Xprize, in which pioneering teams are competing to launch a Rover into space.

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The main purpose of Team Angelicvm is to build a rover that will land on the surface of the Moon and broadcast back to Earth a high definition music video that carries a message of faith, hope, peace and unity to the world. It is our hope that this message will reach across the globe and impact all of humanity for the better.

Far from being one small step for man, this project centers on moving away from the idea that the moon is there, not only for space exploration, but it can also be used as a method to promote peace and harmony across the globe. Team Angelicvm’s mission is to get their rover safely to the moon and then once there, send back to Earth a message communicating ‘faith, hope, peace and unity’.

While the venture is set to be a complex process, the objective will far outweigh the time, effort and cost of the project. To counterbalance costs Team Angelicvm will be relying on aforementioned hosted payload opportunities to launch the Rover to the moon.












Small, low cost and low mass lunar rover

  • 5 Kilograms of mass
  • Envelope of 450x450x300 mm
  • 4 wheels and differential steering
  • Nominal power consumption of 12W
  • Use lander to relay comms back to earth


We have a “prototyping lab” that is being relocated to Gland – Switzerland. We have a development model of our 5Kg lunar rover. This prototype was successfully tested in the Mojave Desert during October of 2015 in order to validate the concepts involved. We are currently working on another iteration of the design before moving forward with the flight model. Primarily for marketing purposes, we came up with a promotional design of a six-wheeled rover. Mirco Pecorari, well-known Italian designer that has worked with worldwide famous brands like Ferrari, was in charge of the development of the new look and feel of this model.

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