Future of Aviation – where were we, where are we, where are we flying to?

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The Aviation Industry has undergone tremendous changes since a modest start over 100 years ago and today it continues to grow propelled by technologically advanced solutions and disruptive innovations. The drivers for change have been meeting passenger and market demands, the growing population and its demographic profile, and the public concerns, care, and respect for the environment. The Industry has recently taken serious and gradual steps towards “Clean Aviation” where reduced emissions and pollution of the environment are of the essence. The industry is, therefore, taking these ethical challenges seriously and responding positively to the general public concerns for the environment.

Aviation and Ideanco

How close are we to clean aviation? Most major aviation companies are researching into, developing and implementing innovative eco-efficient designs from the nanostructures and complex systems to entire aircraft. The intention is to radically redefine the industry and rely upon sustainable and cleaner sources of energy instead while at the same time ensuring that air travel continues to be one of the safest and most eco-efficient means of transportation.

What will air transport look like in 30 years’ time from now? How would the industry, aircraft, and passengers change by that time? Even a few decades from now, the world will be very different from today because the global population will increase to over 9 billion. Our lives and travel needs would have changed and looked after the planet will be even more serious concern than ever. While it is still difficult to accurately predict the future, we can safely assume more flights, fewer emissions and quicker passenger journey times. New and faster aircraft with superior comfort and facilities to please consumers and respond to their changing needs. It who will also be safe to assume that passengers (commuters) will be shifting heavily towards air travel as a preferred means of transport to meet their changing lifestyles and shifts in demographics.

This will create both huge opportunities and challenges for the Aviation Industry and companies will realize that they require new and effective strategies to deal with a changing world become more important than ever before.

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