Ideanco in collaboration with Experfy a Harvard Innovation Lab company

0 Posted by - 13/12/2015 - Aerospace & Defense, Renewable Energy

Ideanco is partnering with Experfy, a big data startup in Harvard Innovation Launch Lab. Through this partnership, Ideanco will gain access to Experfy’s elite pool of talented big data experts in Renewable Energy and Aerospace Industries. This will help Ideanco bridge a performance gap in two major business sectors and be more effective in exploiting the core business of Ideanco’s customers. Disruption driven by innovation and creative thinking is in the business proposition of ideanco. This is in full alignment with Experfy business model which is to fundamentally disrupt how big data consulting is carried out today.

Maher Ezzeddine and Harpreet Singh - Boston October 2015

Baker Library | Bloomberg Center – Harvard Business School

We strive to provide the highest quality of service to our clients by enabling them to profoundly disrupt their competitors and win the hearts of more customers in the process,” said Maher Ezzeddine, CEO of Ideanco and President of Harvard Business School Aerospace Alumni Group. “Through the strategic collaboration with Experfy, our senior team members will start using Experfy’s disruptive resources, big data analytics capabilities and methodologies in order to drill down in more details and gain insight in our Marketing and Sales services for the benefit of our clients. We, therefore, view our collaboration with Experfy as crucial in order to continuously enhance our capabilities, processes and the level of services we provide.”

Pushing the frontiers of innovation is the main business driver for both companies who view innovative and disruptive change as a common denominator.

Collaborating with Ideanco provides Experfy’s talented pool of big data experts exposure to new geographies and challenges and will help them explore new ideas in collaboration with the Ideanco team. We look forward to working with Ideanco to bring a data-driven culture to its customers,” said Harpreet Singh, Experfy’s Founder and Co-CEO. “We’re excited to join forces with a like-minded innovator such as Ideanco to build disruptive business models while harnessing our big data analytics capabilities and experience.”


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