Ideanco Representing Canada at the World Summit AI

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Ideanco Representing Canada

at the World Summi AI

Special thanks to the Canadian Government for inviting Ideanco to be part of the limited Canadian AI companies at the World Summit AI 2018 in Amsterdam. Ideanco providing a strategic look at the practice of AI within Ideanco and across multiple vertical industries in Canada at World Summit AI.

With strong research capacity, a thriving start-up scene, significant multinational investment, and effective government programs and incentives that encourage innovation, Canada is at the forefront of artificial intelligence (AI). Ideanco was very proud to be part of the Canadian AI ecosystem speaking about our existing AI and the overall Canadian Artificial Intelligence ecosystem at World Summit AI in Amsterdam (WSAI) on October 10 – 11, 2018. From applied solutions for the enterprise to mind-boggling innovation to heated discussions on AI ethics and AI4good, World Summit AI tackled head-on the most burning AI issues for 2018 and beyond.

Ideanco introduced the core services starting with the legacy service of the crowdsourcing advisory, followed by the practical training equipping professionals and innovators with all types of trendy skills under the newly introduced “Academy.”, and providing research, incubation, and crowdfunding services for startups under the recently formed “Lab.”


To create a thriving world of opportunities benefiting the world, today and tomorrow


To exploit opportunities with the most exceptional talent, building together a prosperous and adventurous community

Sameena Qureshi, Commercial Counsellor at The Embassy of Canada to The Kingdom of The Netherlands, said: “Canada has been at the forefront of AI development for decades, with research leadership in deep and reinforcement learning for over 30 years. Supporting our Canadian researchers and start-ups in AI is important. Canada has invested in a number of important initiatives to support the AI ecosystem such as the Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy to attract and retain leading AI researchers and strengthen centers of excellence and the Innovation Supercluster Initiative to fund ground-breaking companies that commercialize solutions. We are pleased to be joined by some innovative Canadian companies at WSAI 2018.”

From applied solutions for the enterprise to mind-boggling innovation to heated discussions on AI ethics and AI4good, World Summit AI will tackle head-on the most burning AI issues for 2018 and beyond.

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