Just like other leading companies in the industry we seek out and hire the brightest and most talented individuals to join our “ideanco family”. We encourage them to express their ideas and aspirations, as we firmly believe that it is our people who drive and shape the culture of our company; a culture that boasts entrepreneurship and innovation based on creativity, dedication, passion, transparency and trust.

We foster an environment of creativity and freethinking for our Ideanco family, as we want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to bring forth their individual persona, expertise and perspectives to solve complex business problems and scenarios through the synergetic sharing of ideas and open debates. We have thus developed a cohesive culture fabric built upon a foundation of cooperation and teamwork, allowing us to thrive through the most complex business issues faced by our clients. We instill integrity and passion in every aspect of our work. This enables us to provide the best-of-breed solutions for our partners.

Ideanco has a people centric culture, meaning that people are the key to everything we do. Our People are our first priority. We foster a culture based on learning from people who are curious and willing to try new ways and we give due attention to the young generation that are shaping the world we live in. we care about our people more than any organization out-there. They are in essence the company and the human capital is our main and foremost asset. We thrive on:


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Innovation: or the translation of an idea into a profitable business (goods or services) that customers need. Innovation involves application of information, creativity, imagination and initiative to derive greater values from resources, and covers all necessary processes required to convert new ideas into useful products. Innovations can be Evolutionary (gradual/continuous) or Revolutionary (disruptive/new) that introduces paradigm shifts in the industry. Our vast experience in transforming disruptive innovations into successful business ventures will help clients attain competitive advantage and greater market share.

We have a culture centered on innovation and we understand disruptive change and the impact it can have on organizations large or small and especially those suffering from “successful syndrome”. We are passionate about sharing our vast knowledge and experience in this field to guide client through the process of recognizing change as it occurs and the subsequent detailed business review including Organizational and culture changes in order to succeed in the transition. Our contribution in this process will be crucial and can make difference between success and failure.

Entrepreneurship: or starting a business or company to offer innovative products and/or services. The entrepreneur mind-set can seize an opportunity and exploit it for all it is worth. Working in this fashion normally involves development of feasibility studies and business plans covering the required capital, financial and human resources for a successful implementation of such a concept. Our experienced people can help clients in identifying, analyzing and implementing action plans to transform opportunities into tangible revenue growth streams.