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UAE Ideanco - CBC 1Ideanco was engaged on a strategic level with both Canada and UAE business opportunities. As strategic partners, Canada and the UAE are working together to make significant contributions towards achieving stability across the region as part of a shared strategy based on prosperity, security, and development. This strategic partnership came about after several years of intense efforts from both sides and at the cornerstone of this partnership, was the formation of the Canada-UAE Business Council.

With More than 150 Canadian companies currently operating in the UAE and several UAE companies such as Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA) working in Canada on the cutting edge of technology, pioneering new and sustainable innovations in energy, it is no surprise that the establishment of The Canada-UAE Business Council is of major significance in developing a steady partnership roadmap between both countries to attract investors, create jobs and promote innovation.

Trade relations between the UAE and Canada are expected to grow further over the next few years especially in food and agriculture, education, oil and gas, and infrastructure and the UAE are expected to remain a strong commercial partner for Canada. The Canadian Business Council (CBC) in Abu Dhabi since its formation over 10 years ago has played an important role in bringing about this achievement and as a result, an increasing number of Canadian companies are eyeing the UAE to expand their businesses.

UAE Ideanco - CBCThe objectives of Canadian Business Council (CBC) are to promote Canadian businesses (Small, Medium or Large) and products, promote the development of business relations, commerce and investment between Canada and UAE, provide opportunities for Canadian Business executives representing Canadian companies with a presence in UAE as well as creating a business forum that meet on a regular basis for the exchange of information related to current and expected business opportunities. In spite of having different and distinct histories and cultures, there are still a lot of similarities between the UAE and Canada; Canada’s core cultural values are based on Cultural Diversity, where Canadian people from different ethnic backgrounds living together are encouraged to keep and maintain their cultural heritage thus adding variety and international dimensions to the overall culture of Canada. Similarly, modern-day UAE is a host to millions of people of various nationalities and cultures from all around the globe, all living in peace and harmony under one roof in a fast developing country.


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