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Future-of-Government-Ideanco-sub2While the world has advanced quite rapidly in recent years, governments, however, have struggled to keep up the pace with the numerous changes. Modern life is beset by change and all organizations face a challenging future dealing with change and its associated uncertainty. In this respect, Governments and Public Sector organizations that deliver services to society face the same set of challenges as for-profit business organizations. Faced with the hard realities of budget dwindling resources, however, the challenge for Governments and public sector organizations worldwide is to do more for less while continually focusing on the changing needs and wants of society. This is why we find Governments around the world re-inventing themselves and innovating in order to cope with the onset of change. Some Governments have gone as far as believing in either implementing change or being forcefully changed.

Future-of-Government-Ideanco-sub1The main challenges for governments on all levels are to deliver the level of public services people want which include: understanding people’s needs; opening up to create a connected government; skill development to deliver results, and continuous innovation to ensure sustainability. New methods and approaches have become necessary like partnering, joint ventures, and sharing projects responsibilities and financial investments with the private sector. They also need to develop and build new capabilities such as agility, innovation, transparency, and technical competencies in order to meet new demands, new expectations and a vast set of new technologies and tools. The need for efficiency and effectiveness in today’s fast environment requires governments to reinvent themselves and redesign their structures and processes to leverage new sets of factors and advanced technologies. They are required to adapt and continuously evolve to create value to citizens and thus stay relevant through:

  • Developing an organizational culture based on diversity
  • New management methods based on relationships instead of authority in order to deliver “Affordable Government” services.
  • Ability to grant and delegate authority outwards to citizens and partnering organizations through a process of enablement.
  • Developing employee’s skills and their competencies.


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