Pro-bono Work

We are committed to remain engaged with our communities wherever we operate (depending on our global locations). We do pro bono work as a demonstration of our corporate social responsibility to engage with our clients under the community where we operate while operating with ultimate freedom to be creative and innovative.


Several innovative and socially responsible companies are nowadays combining few Pro-bono projects with other paid projects in order to offset the cost of free work and maintain financial viability while at the same time benefit their communities and exercise their social responsibility duties.   Ideanco ensures that there adequate number of paid projects in the pipeline that can help us sustain in order to undertake pro bono projects where we can exercise greater creative freedom and innovation even where the return is measured by the greatest solutions offered to the community. Prop-bono work is aligned with our corporate culture and our people are passionate about giving back to the community where they can deploy and flourish their creative/innovative skills and in return become more creative and versatile.

In our Pro Bono work, we aim to maintain a fine balance between benefits granted to the community and satisfying our unlimited passion for creativity and innovation. This keeps our people fully engaged with their communities, motivated, happy and proud of themselves as good and responsible corporate citizens.