Marina Branding Strategy

0 Posted by - 08/09/2015 - Abu Dhabi Marina

Ideanco made a branding proposal to a prominent Marina project back in 2009 in the United Arab Emirates, which was primarily focused on the branding aspects of the Marina; adopting a concept which invoked the core values of the UAE culture, which emphasized the fact that where the sea and boats (such as dhows and other sailboats) are deeply rooted in and form an integral part of the country’s heritage of fishing, pearl-diving, seafaring, and trading.Marina Project

A branding concept strategy strongly anchored around the aforementioned cultural values of the UAE was proposed, in which the Board and Sail were emphasized as the brand logo to represent the Marina in a vibrant, colorful and eye-catching visual style. The sailing boat was projected as a symbol of the “Marina” brand to denote the essential function of the Marina as a resting (parking) area for boats after completing their trading, fishing or pearl-diving trips.

Since the sail was the main part of every boat in the past, it has therefore taken a prominent part of the logo and has been designed to highlight the dynamic flow of the sail in wind or sea air. The overall balanced dimensions and color of the logo have been selected so as to Marina Net Project - Ideanco.intrigue tourists and leave lasting impressions in their minds of the place the logo identifies as “Marina”.
Although such proposal was not implemented then, we believe the need for this innovative branding strategy is compulsory today than ever before were so many other marinas on a global level have taken prominent places in the cityscape landscape since the proposal was made. We anticipate that the need for Marina to compete with others in order to assume its rightful place in the marinas landscape will no doubt reactivate the interest in our branding concept once again.


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