Cityscape Architectural Review Awards

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Over a decade ago, and in recognition of excellence in the field of architectural design, Cityscape Dubai launched the Architectural Review Award to honor the best architects in emerging markets forArchitectural-Review-Awards-Ideanco-Sub1 innovative and aesthetic designs covering retail, industrial, environmental, residential, commercial, mixed-use and entertainment buildings and environmental architecture. The Cityscape Awards for Emerging Markets reward industry professionals and companies that have been involved in the design and construction of outstanding real estate developments for both built and future projects across emerging real estate markets.


Cityscape-architectural-review-awardsThe award design theme emulated dots connected together, heading towards a wormhole which leads towards infinity; that signifies the huge expanse of unlimited space for ideas, infinite creativity, and innovations in the field of architectural design; a field limited only by human imagination. Celebrating excellence in real estate development and architecture, the Cityscape Awards for Emerging Markets offer international architects and leading real estate developers a prestigious platform from which to communicate a shared vision for the future, from culturally integrated city skylines to sustainable urban communities. Design visionaries and forward-thinking leaders in the international development arena join forces to showcase the pioneering projects that are raising the global industry bar, as emerging market destinations cement their position as the economic powerhouses of the future.


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