Human Resources Summit

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The Human Resources Summit is an important gathering of business leaders to address whether Human Capital (Human Resources) is an effective means to achieve cultural change within organizations and public sectors. It will also address issues faced by companies moving forward from a traditional way of thinking into innovation and disruption, and what role Human Capital plays in getting the strategy implemented.


It is widely accepted nowadays that in order to create change in any organization, it is absolutely necessary to engage the Organization’s Human Capital; in other words, their people. It is also evident that in order for this entrusted and valuable asset to succeed in leading the change, they need to be well equipped with the analytical skills and empowered with creativity and innovation. The challenge for organizations, therefore, becomes that of creating the right environment for their human resources to prosper, innovate, disrupt and change the prevailing norms.

It is therefore crucial that future business leaders, who are being groomed for tomorrow, must have the skills and knowledge to strategically redefine and imagine new solutions for future business challenges. What is still challenging is balancing the “outside the box” thinking in organizations built on an “inside the box” culture. The answer to this challenge lies in finding ways to motivate high performing employees and ways to reinforce the need for innovation and disruption at all levels of the business.

Organizations are therefore in pursuit of young people who will become the business leaders of tomorrow; young people who are not afraid to venture into new disruptive environments are those who will create, constitute, continue to enrich culture and set new and unique traditions. Therefore, the main focus is on their potential contribution to improving their social and economic conditions. The existing workforce is required to interact effectively with young people in order to harness their potential and creativity to achieve innovative change that results in a sustainable competitive advantage.


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