Strategy is the creation of a unique and valuable proposition for a company to enter the market and with a great competitive advantage targeting either the mass market or the niche market in order to gain market share and hence make profit. Strategy is the very important task that Chief Executive Officers take on board in order to make trade-offs and knowing exactly what to prioritize and what not to do. The alignment of all internal activities within an organization is extremely important for success. It is equally important to make sure the internal processes and business activities are efficient and productive in order to make sure that your business strategy is on-route from point A to point B then C, onwards to achieve set goals and business objectives in line with your corporate strategy.

Our strategy development services cover various stages of the strategy planning process and extend to:

We work with organizations to design and develop their corporate strategies including the alignment of several business units plans, development of coordination processes between departments, allocation of required resources and the identification of gaps and shortfalls.
We help clients create competing business unit strategies in order to become the leaders in their respective markets. We guide them through the entire process from assessment and diagnosis to design to implementation.
It is well known that majority of companies fail to achieve sustained and profitable growth. We help companies develop effective growth strategies and avoid common pitfalls during implementation.
We use our marketing expertise and creative skills to design and develop winning brand strategies to add value to our clients overall Brand Equity and that of their products and services.
With a traditional business mindset, it is usually difficult to differentiate between useful and useless innovations. We support our clients throughout the process of innovation strategy development and ensure that such a strategy is rigorously tested to meet their business-growth targets and overall business objectives.

The Ideanco Approach

Innovative Strategy has been ideanco’s core business. We had set out to create Corporate, Operational and Business development Strategies that bring results and create revolutions for companies in different sectors. We help companies in arriving at the most effective strategies through our expert competitive analysis, data analytics, review and assessment of several strategic approaches before the final selection. We guide our clients through the process of strategic planning, review and selection so that they benefit from the knowledge transfer to build internal strategy development capabilities. In addition we identify the various pillars of the proposed strategy, thus ensuring that all precautions are taken to avoid implementation pitfalls and failures.



More than ever before, companies are realizing that having the right strategy is a crucial necessity for survival in an aggressive business environment. Although there are several strategic options available to them, companies do not have the luxury of time to test several alternatives before adopting the “appropriate” strategy. Some companies fail because they don’t give due attention and thought to the strategic development process and end up with a less than adequate strategy that could be a recipe for failure or under performance in their business sector.

Solution from high-level to such challenges

In order to create a sustainable competitive advantage, ideanco gets engaged with the client to create a unique strategic positioning roadmap that makes it difficult for competitors to imitate the resulting new business model or the new culture matrix. Subsequently, Ideanco guides the client on the trade-offs that must be made during implementation in order to align business activities with business objectives so as to achieve the ultimate objective of the core business. Clients are often required to choose between several key/beneficial activities to focus on and identify those activities that are better avoided. This classification of client’s activities will help our clients focus their resources on core business activities and attain higher efficiencies which will ultimately bring value to both the Client and Client’s Customers. 

Benefits to the client: 

  • More Efficiency and productivity
  • Alignment of Business Activities
  • Avoiding Partnership Pitfalls
  • Setting priority on Gaps and Closing Gaps (Performance and Opportunity gaps)
  • Attaining Sustainable competitive advantage resulting in a strong core business that can grow into different market
  • Capturing increased market share in existing market
  • Enhancing Leadership position for as long Leadership is aligned with the overall spirit of the organization to make strong strategic decisions and trade-offs
  • Ongoing successful business continuity for the future requiring several stages of reinvention and innovation in both business models and processes.