In order to guarantee a long and active life that would allow for a constant generation of profits, companies need to pursue effective measures that will enable them to maintain a healthy level of cooperation with the public. In addition to economic efficiency, companies should examine and tackle environmental & social issues, and ensure that the strongest management techniques are being undertaken, while maintaining an integral relationship with their employees. We assist companies with their sustainability issues by utilizing both modern digital communication strategies and traditional analytical techniques that will guarantee long term control of competition and effective disruption innovation.


The Ideanco Approach

We believe sustainability and corporate responsibility are essential and must be entrenched in the core of our clients’ strategy and operations. We work closely with our clients to ensure that sustainability efforts are deep rooted in business fundamentals and produce healthy returns on investment.

We also help clients in various sectors of all industries that enforcing such sustainability to become more sustainable and socially responsible and are implementing renewable energy policies, building the knowledge and capabilities to meet the changing regulations. We also work closely with our clients helping them developing new methods to address social issues around their employees, their customers and their communities.

We therefore work with clean corporate environments providing strategies for renewable energy, as well as working with smart cities and enterprises. We focus on finding ways to recycle waste and produce energy, and turn sewage into clean water. To do so, it requires a sustainable strategy to outperform rivals by establishing a differentiation that it can preserve.


The main challenge faced by companies all over the world stems from existing perception that all what senior executives have in mind is to make tremendous return on investment and huge profits while transitioning into a sustainable company that is eco-friendly internally and externally. The challenge is therefore to change a traditional mindset to accept the innovative sustainable strategy and business model which will lead eventually to a plethora of organizational and technological innovation that will affect the bottom line accordingly.

Solution from high-level to such challenges

The Solution is to go ecofriendly. Smart companies who treat sustainability as a competitive advantage have an edge over the competition and they are leading the effort in innovation. Considering disruption, ongoing sustainability development is a disruptive force that rivals will find it difficult to compete unless they adopt change and follow the trend instead.

Benefits to Clients 

Sustainability is the motherhood of innovation. Becoming more adaptive to change and accepting such change over a short period of time is the power of moving forward to achieving goals and objectives. Sustainability is not demonstrated just in the processes, products, services, it is also evident in the core business of the company, which is visible in the after-sales support provided to the customer.

Sustainability should touch the hearts of both the consumers and businesses and only then that a company become more effective and competitive compared with others. Sustainability allows companies to develop new business models and revamp their existing ones, allows them to hire and retain talents; a necessity in order to guarantee successful continuity towards a brighter future.